Top Anime Of All Time – Must Watch For Everyone

Anime is not only for kids. even the adults watch it. It consists of all the genres like psychological thrillers, romance,  comedy, drama, etc. If anyone out there are not watching anime let me give you reasons why u need to watch it and which anime you should be starting with.

Anime is for Everyone

    Anime has always been unique to other styles of tv shows through its use of animation and art. Unlike American TV shows, anime makes use of character depiction and purposely exaggerates the defining features of every individual. Artists embellishes parts like the eyes and head, enlarging the desirable aspects of the ideal human (shown on right). The exaggerated depiction of pulchritude appeals to mind, making it more accepting to the audience. This effect anime has achieves more than what makeup can ever do in American TV shows.

This level of unreality that exists in anime help better depict shows in the genre of shonen (action). While battle scenes in a TV shows have a limit to what to what can be done, the scenes in anime is only limited to the imagination of the author. Popular shonen anime like Naruto, and Bleach are exemplary in showing the scenes that can only be done with animations. The diverse character abilities in animations are difficult to portray in live action films with actors due to the inability to convincingly show unique powers. For example, when the popular TV show animation Avatar The Last Airbender was converted into a live action movie, many fans were upset with the representation of abilities and characters. The acting did not fully encompass the unique personalities of the main characters and the abilities looked fraud. The unreal aspects in animation allow the audience to accept fictional elements that would otherwise be denounced in a live action TV show.

Anime has special characteristics that are unique from the variety of other TV shows in the world. The animations add new possibilities to the entertainment industry and builds a new level to cartoons. In fact, American industries such as Disney is starting to embrace concepts of anime and showing hints of its influence in various works such as the film Frozen, and the American TV show Avatar The Last Air bender. The growing influence of the anime and the complex elements involved are just the few reasons why it is important to watch and follow anime.

Few of the best Anime of all the time are

  1. Death Note (thriller)
  2. One Piece (pirates)
  3. Fairy tale (magic)
  4. Dragon Ball Z
  5. Full Metal Alchemist
  6. Naruto
  7. Bleach


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