New Educational Trends Which Help In Better Future

Education shapes our present actions, our future plans and our past history which also develops in the future . Education is a very crucial to guide anyone to reach their goals through any success with an effort along , and the chance is very high.

Trends to be implemented for better future

Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Technology is a term coined by Intel when the company saw its employees using their own personal electronic devices in the office. School administrators are witnessing this trend as students bring their own to schools and so are incorporating devices like phones, tablets and micro-PCs into their routines. Plus, they can increase productivity with innovations like our Page Scope app, which gives students and teachers printing and scanning control on the go using wireless technology via our free app. We’ll see the BYOD trend continue as the prices of personal devices decrease and schools adopt and integrate them into the classroom.

The second trend is Makerspaces, which are community-oriented gatherings of tech enthusiasts who meet regularly to share and explore electronic hardware, manufacturing tools and programming techniques. These are places where students are free to experiment and make things – on their own – as part of a productive community. Here’s where our 3D printers can help Makerspaces see their creativity come to life right before their eyes and they share that amazing experience with their peers.

Finally, technology will literally become a greater part of students in the form of wearable technology. Many students are already using these devices with video games. These wearable tools – like Google Glass, virtual reality headsets and e-bracelets – are lightweight, portable and can go anywhere with the student, increasing their productivity while on the go. They will make research easier as information will be right at hand when it’s needed and more fun to obtain. Imagine engineering students using virtual reality headsets to visit construction sites without exposure to harm, or science students walking on the moon to learn about its environment.

School-related experiences like making friends and learning will stay the same for students of any age, but exciting, innovative learning tools will continue evolving, keeping those standard experiences fresh.


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