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Top Four Technology Trends For 2018

Technology always keep changing, there is always new technology emerging which keeps adding to the old ones. The upcoming year is going to have vast changes technology. Few of the changes which can be predicted are given below. Here are my top four technology trends for 2018: 1. IoT becomes BIoT The biggest mistake most prognosticators make is underestimating the potential for fast growth in our hyper-connected world. Automobiles took… Read Article →

One Plus 3 Head Confirms Android O Would Be Their Last Update

One Plus users are always wary about their next update for their smartphones. One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T users have flooded the forums with constant queries on expected future update on their devices, which were launched last year. It is expected and has also been confirmed by One Plus Head, Oliver Z that One Plus 3 and 3T would get Android O as their last update. A similar… Read Article →

Google Drive Vs. Dropbox

Google Drive and Dropbox have been consumer favorite cloud storage choices due to their ease of use, reliability, and easy setup. If you have decided to make the dive into storing your documents, files, images, and more in the cloud, but are confused with choosing between these two most popular cloud storage options, we have got you covered here by helping you decide what’s right for your requirements and budget…. Read Article →

Know About EAMCET Counselling Procedures

After EAMCET, the most difficult process for an engineering applicant comes in the form of counselling. It must be completed to get admission in the reputed institutions in AP. Since students have to select what course or field they want to get into, they would be under tremendous pressure. Eamcet Mock Counselling officials, however, make arrangements in order to make sure that the procedure is a smooth affair, allowing candidates to choose… Read Article →

End Of Graduation Is The Beginning Of Real Life

Graduation, for all the students is a place to have fun without any worries enjoying the life to the fullest. Once it is completed then raises a question what to do after graduation- should they study further more and start a job? It they want to continue studies which one they should opt for or if they want to job which one should they go for? No students will have… Read Article →

New Educational Trends Which Help In Better Future

Education shapes our present actions, our future plans and our past history which also develops in the future . Education is a very crucial to guide anyone to reach their goals through any success with an effort along , and the chance is very high. Trends to be implemented for better future Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Technology is a term coined by Intel when the company… Read Article →

American Animation Vs Japanese Animation

Animation can be said as the process of displaying still images in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of movement. These images can be hand drawn, computer generated, or pictures of 3D objects. Most of the people associate Us animation and Japanese animation as the same, no they are not. Both are different, now let us check how are they different. Difference between both the animation Japanese animation studios… Read Article →

Emerging Trends In Animation Industry

Animation is becoming one of the prospering and fastest growing industries in the world. With lots of new advancements and developments, it is creating a new impact all over the world. We see that animated objects attract people more than the ordinary ones. In fact, TV commercials with animated features have more impact on viewers than normal ads. Animation is very much in demand whether it is regarding a new… Read Article →

Top Anime Of All Time – Must Watch For Everyone

Anime is not only for kids. even the adults watch it. It consists of all the genres like psychological thrillers, romance,  comedy, drama, etc. If anyone out there are not watching anime let me give you reasons why u need to watch it and which anime you should be starting with. Anime is for Everyone     Anime has always been unique to other styles of tv shows through its… Read Article →